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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    Zawahiri Killed?


    Jawa is speculating that Zawahiri was Killed?

    While we have no info and have put out feelers to all sources,
    We have been picking up rumors only since our first post on this: here.
    Strike 1800 gmt 060208

    Our highly placed source said:"Khanadan Khan was the house owner, ran a madrassa."

    We had noted back ground noise and chatter that US Military was
    very busy today and last Tues, across the board Military commands
    were very busy.

    We have picked up NO background noise or chatter from terrorist on Z.

    We think our friends at Jawa are wrong, but we hope.

    Haven't heard from down range yet about the confirmed HVT identity.
    Zemanta Pixie

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