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    Saturday, June 07, 2008

    Why I joined against the Taliban

    This was posted in the Paki Wiki,
    and I got an ok to share it with you.

    Pakistanis - you can take action against the hirabi extremists!

    Why do we work to defeat violent religious extremism?

    1. It threatens the Pakistani people.
    The Taliban and al Qaeda kill more Pakistanis than Americans these days. They bring their wars and murders into the cities and towns. Whatever they say, they are lawless thugs, with political goals. Their betrayal of the melmastia of the Pashtun, to save their own skins, paints a picture of their true nature.

    Militants are waiting in the wings to take advantage of political upheaval in Pakistan. While trying to manipulate public opinion with religious mouthings, they hide among the people, bringing danger, death and dishonor wherever they go.
    Then they will force me to grow a beard, take away my music, and surround me with religious police.

    2. It threatens Pakistan politically.

    Much of the world looks askance upon a nation that harbors mass murderers and criminals. The terrorists want to force Pakistan into enmity with both the West and the East. But Pakistan needs good relations with the world to continue economic growth. We don't need isolation and theatrics, but stability and commerce, to build on the gains we have made.

    The best way to keep America out of Pakistan's business is to defeat violent extremism. If you dislike America, that doesn't make the Taliban and al Qaeda good citizens of Pakistan. It is cutting off your own nose to allow your enemy shelter just to spite America. The extremists now threaten Pakistan more than America.

    As long as the Taliban and al Qaeda find a safe haven in Pakistan, America will hover around the borders and dabble in Pakistani politics. So far America sends only unmanned weapons into the tribal areas. But in political chaos, this could change.
    Think twice when you see or read news media accounts. Militants think us fools to be manipulated. Will the politicians stand up for the dead, or the widows and orphans, who are Pakistanis also? Do you understand American anger at being attacked on 9-11? Our people are being bombed and murdered, parts of our land are controlled by fear - and I feel rage at the killers of Islamabad and Lahore.

    It is publicly claimed that 80 to 90% of terror attacks can be traced back to Pakistan. The Pakistani arrested with explosives for an attack on Spain shames me. The 2200 pounds of explosives siezed in Rawalpindi yesterday could have blown my daughter to bits. My son enjoys videos - they blew up a video store in Peshawar. Will the next video store bombing get my son? The people in Mardan simply happened to be near a bakery that supplied the military. If the only choice is to live a timid life to avoid offending the criminals, then though I am no soldier or hero, I will find a way to fight back.
    That is why I am here.
    I don't know if Gerald can influence the corruption but I am willing to help make it public.
    Thank you for this oppurtunity.


    He joined here:
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