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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    Who is "al-Baghdadi",Hamid Dawoud al-Zawi.

    Logo of Islamic State of IraqImage via WikipediaCAIRO, Egypt — Al-Arabiya television reports it has identified the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the network broadcast his photograph.

    The Dubai-based network, citing an Iraqi police official, said the real name of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who allegedly heads the Islamic State of Iraq, is Hamid Dawoud al-Zawi.

    al-bahgdadi.JPGPhoto from mypet jawa/

    Originally from Haditha, al-Baghdadi served in the Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein, then joined Al Qaeda in 2003, the police official told Al-Arabiya.

    The U.S. has described al-Baghdadi as a fictitious character.,2933,354372,00.html

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