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    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Troopsourced combat tour.

    Guided by Tech: Take a Crowdsourced GPS Tour of Namibia..

    Why not Baghdad, or Afghan areas, 10,000 IED sites, ambush locations, sniper hide outs. For the new rotating troops, give them the benifit of previous troops. G

    For their recent trip to Namibia, Greg and Anja Manuel packed light: PowerBars, clothes, and a Garmin GPS loaded with Traveller's Africa version 8.02, a user-generated map brimming with 50,000 points of interest. That last item meant they didn't have to hire an experienced guide. Today's trekkers can simply rent a Land Rover, set off into the bush, and put their trust in the wisdom of the 1,400 people who have submitted GPS data to Tracks4Africa, a nonprofit that maintains the Traveller's Africa software. The group has compiled nearly 300,000 miles of road info since 1999, and it's updated every three months, so users don't have to wait years for a revised edition a la Lonely Planet. It could make the difference between a paint-by-numbers African safari and an adventure like this one, dotted with curious and sometimes frightening waypoints — charging elephants, anyone?

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