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    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    Pentagon getting close.

    United States ArmyImage via WikipediaUSA military getting close to an effective Internet Paradigm.
    But they are still missing the point.

    MilSpace has the spirit but misses the key point.
    It is secret, high grade encrypted, NON PUBLIC.

    But there is hope they have laid the seeds of self discovery, they will trip over the correct Paradigm, even if their boots are not laced. Read the following.

    "Kimball attributes much of his organization's successes to consistent support from the Army's graduate-level academic establishment centered on Ft. Leavenworth, Kans. The top general at Leavenworth, William Caldwell, even announced in May that blogging would be part of the formal graduate curriculum going forward."
    Great article

    The terrorist have thousands of web sites promoting thier lies, propaganda, and violence.
    The USA has a hand full of sites, and the State Department has 30 people trying to counter the propaganda.

    Train your troops and turn them loose with their own blogs.They will counter the terrorist, and give voice to USA perspective.

    To be sure the Terrorist have secret sites, but most are public, for funding, recruting and propaganda. USA is not recruiting Muslim counter terrorist on the net. And they do have the ability to do so.

    The military could have thousands of sites promoting USA, but they don't, they are still functioning with the wrong paradigm.

    But they have picked up on errors in the old paradigm and corrected them faster than I thought possible. They are evolving faster than al Qaeda ever has.

    A lie posted often enough, in enough places, and not countered becomes the TRUTH, on the Internet... Is a paradigm the Military has yet to learn.

    I submitted a classified white paper to the Air Force when they called for paradigms on the WWW war.
    And to DHS, NICC.

    "Internet WAR Paradigm:"
    Dominant Cyber Offensive Engagement and Supporting Technology.
    We are Paradigm Architects.
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology.

    "New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center on "PROCESS" & "ORGANIZATION".
    USA military still lacks a comprehensive, effective WWW paradigm.
    And from what I've seen the most advanced services a year away from having one.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum

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