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    Monday, April 14, 2008

    vids expose insurgents impotence, weakness.

    Terrorist propaganda arm violating the basic law of propaganda.
    Attack on a MINESWEEPER in Tikrit city.
    The minesweeper kept going, the explosion scratched the paint only.
    The media "experts" at al Qaeda cut the film AGAIN right after the explosion
    so the viewer can't see the minesweeper drive on,

    This "attack" didn't even get mentioned in the press.

    Insurgent vidoes are loosing all remnants of believability or any authority.
    Note the eletronicly enhanced voice at the start,
    The insurgents are exhibiting doubt about their own manliness with this ploy.

    Evidence of the lack of professionalism and inexperienced 3rd and 4th level cadre
    trying to mount a media campaign without any successes to trumpet,
    they are reduced to trickery in an attempt to boost flagging moral and
    falling recruitment numbers.

    They are exposing their weakness and impotence in these sad sad, ineffective vidoes.


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