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    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Every squad to get drones?

    Street sign for Wal*Mart Drive near Gordon, PennsylvaniaImage via WikipediaWent to a party this week end on a farm.
    Great time and there were a group of 20 + yr olds
    that had a remote batt. powered Jet.
    ( 20 min.recharge time )
    The Plane had large intake vents on both sides,
    a large propeller in the middle of the plane, inside and smaller
    exhaust vent, hense the ID of jet.
    It flew for 10 or 15 min, at 40 to 75 feet,
    they could fly higher but didn't.

    They flew it out 500 to 700 feet away over tree lines
    and over fence rows. ( It could fly further )

    This wasn' the fly and crash toys of my
    childhood but hand thrown
    And they flew it for 25 or 30 huge ovals or fig.eights.
    And were able tocontrol it to the extent they could fly
    it 5 feet over my head, no crashes.

    They had this plane for four days.
    And trained themselves on it from written instructions.

    Controls consisted of two buttons, right and left,
    and power, more less, to control height.

    It is a remarkable piece of aviation engineering at $30. ( $40 sorry )

    They did hve some crashes in the begining and repaired it
    with tape, it had been at one time in a dozen Styrofoam pieces
    after a crash, and they just taped it back together and it flew.

    This technology is off the shelf at Wal marts and cost $30

    Now I know the military would be more comfortable
    paying $10,000 each.

    But the technology is there for every combat squad
    In the world to have several drones with lipstick cameras
    to hunt Taliban in wood rows.

    Now it is susceptible to shotgun fire.

    But at $30 a pop and being recyclable.
    Thats a cheap price for tatget acquisition $30.
    It flys low enough to know exactly where the fire
    is coming from.
    These are cheap enough to be used as bait, to draw fire
    and find targets.

    The Plane is about 24 inches wide and 24 inches long.

    A company could have 16 of these flying perimeters and FOP.

    Each squad could carry 3 or more and have eyes in it sky
    anytime they want, any where for squad level force protection.

    I will obtain maker and model # later today.

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