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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Wet black ops

    At 10.35pm he decided to go home. Having exchanged customary kisses with his host, Hojatoleslam Ahmad Musavi, the newly appointed Iranian ambassador, Mughniyeh stepped into the night.

    Minutes later he was seated in his silver Mitsubishi Pajero in a nearby street when a deafening blast ripped the car apart and killed him instantly.

    Slain Hizbullah commander Imad Mughniyeh.
    Photo: AP

    According to Israeli intelligence sources, someone had replaced the headrest of the driver's seat with another containing a small high-explosive charge.....believed the explosive had been detonated in another car by satellite.

    One witness said: "I held his head in my hands, kissed him farewell. His face was burnt but intact and he had received serious injuries to his abdomen."

    ( The charge blew the neck out severing the head and the blast effects shredded the chest and abdomen. G )

    NOTHING seemed very remarkable about the short, bearded man who mingled with other guests on Tuesday evening at a reception in Damascus, the Syrian capital, to mark the 29th anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini's Iranian revolution.

    The Israeli security service, Mossad, is thought to have killed six other militants abroad since Meir Dagan became director in August 2002:

    December 2002 Ramzi Nahara, Israeli agent who defected to Hezbollah and planned attacks against Israel. Dagan knew him personally. Killed in Lebanon by car bomb

    March 2003 Abu Mohammed Al-Masri, Al-Qaeda member building cell to target Israeli border with Lebanon. Killed by car bomb in Lebanon

    August 2003 Ali Hussein Saleh, Hezbollah explosives expert. Killed by car bomb in Beirut

    July 2004 Ghaleb Awali, Hezbollah official with links to activists in Gaza Strip. Killed by car bomb in Beirut

    September 2004 Izz el-Deen al-Sheikh Khalil, Hamas official liaising between headquarters in Syria and members in Gaza and West Bank. Killed by car bomb in Damascus

    May 2006 Mahmoud Majzoub, Islamic Jihad official liaising with Hezbollah. Killed by car bomb blast in Lebanon

    The Shiah (Iran and Hezbollah) might decide to attack Israel in response for Mughniyeh's execution. They will definitely take into consideration Israel's wrathful actions in 2006 when the Shiah killed and kidnapped Israeli soldiers. The Shiah Lebanese have yet to recuperate from the 2006 war and might not be ready as a population to face another war. The Iranians are facing loads of financial problems at home. They might not be willing to rebuild Shiah Lebanon so early after the 2006 war.

    They say Hassan Nasrallah is a wise man: he might want to make sure the Israelis killed his man and not any other party. Jumping to the conclusion that Israel did it is not wise as the Syrians might have their own reason for doing away with Mughniyeh.

    If I were to be called to advise Hassan Nasrallah I would tell him that in view of the above the Shiah the world over have more to gain from being friends with the West than waging war on the West for the benefit of a pseudo-Persian Shiah Empire

    Paul Fadoul, New Hyde Park, United States of America

    Backgrounder: Black ops

    Paradigm Intel:
    Someone had a master key, opened the door, swapped out the headrest.
    And was in line of sight, and able to identify the driver, and trip the explosive.
    The visual surveillance could have been by satellite, as well as the ignition order.


    Suspects arrested:

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