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    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Taliban: Truce, ELECTIONS, Fraud

    Taliban calls for truce before Pakistani elections

    So they can smuggle ringers/illegal voters to vote and influence Paki elections from Afghan. It's hard to smuggle voters across active battle fields.

    Terrorism voter Fraud in Afghan and Paki.

    Are the Taliban moving "voters" across the Taliban stealth border to vote in BOTH the Afghan and Paki elections? Taliban plannig on stealing the elections?

    How much could the Taliban influence the elections in Paki and Afghan?
    Is there a cross check of voter registration for both countries?


    Mohammad Fahim Khairy said...

    The world already understood who the Taliban is and what they want. They just started Sunni and Shia war in Pakistan to make a motive for transferring of thousands Pashtuns from Pakistan to Afghanistan because of the next election. So they can make more votes for the Pashtun future president of Afghanistan.

    Why do they not go to Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad etc, those cities are more peaceful than Afghanistan?

    Now if they don't representing Pashtun why do they always supporting other Pashtuns with any politic ideologies? Shah Nawaz Tanai Ex Defense Minster of Communist regime is now on Taliban side.

    Osama Ben Ladin use Islam as tools to empower Pan Arabism so do the Taliban, they empower Pan Pashtunism.
    Source: in comments section.

    So do they know whom is voting in both Elections, Paki and Afghan?

    A Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs was even established during Zahir Shah’s time and exists to this day. This Ministry solely concentrates on the Pakistani border even though Afghanistan shares its borders with five other countries: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and China. The purpose of this Ministry is to give the tribes of the Pashtuns living around that border area a regular salary as well as weapons under the pretense of having them protect the border. Even the Pashtuns on the Pakistani side receive Afghanistani ID cards, a steady salary and weapons for the same purpose. Not surprisingly, 90% of the violence comes from that region. Now, if the government refuses to acknowledge that the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan exists, why bother having a Ministry dedicated to it as well as giving money and weapons for its protection?



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