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    Saturday, February 09, 2008

    Rumours of Mullah Omar sacking Mehsud

    Rumours of Mullah Omar sacking Mehsud.
    Abhishek Behl, Merinews, 09 February 2008, Saturday

    HERE ARE rifts in Taliban ranks and if sources are to be believed, the supreme leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, has sacked Tehrik-i-Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud from the rank and file and asked him to disband the movement in Pakistan.

    There are also reports that differences have cropped between senior leadership of Tehrik-i-Taliban and its chief Baitullah Mehsud over the announcement of ceasefire by the latter.

    It is being stated that senior leaders of Tehrik-i-Taliban, Pakistan have expressed indignation over the ceasefire announced by its chief Baitullah Mehsud saying that the latest announcement will badly damage the reputation of the Tehrik.

    A well-informed Taliban source said that the government wanted to create a rift in the Taliban ranks and the latest announcement was part of that campaign.

    "Report about a meeting of Taliban leaders under the chairmanship of Baitullah Mehsud is wrong, as Taliban leaders have lost contacts with each other since long," he said.

    According to him, Taliban militants were being chased and killed in Swat and some parts of tribal areas and offer of truce by the purported Taliban spokesman was severe blow to the Taliban movement.

    He said that Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, had already sacked TTP chief Baitullah Mehsud and ordered him to disband the Taliban movement in Pakistan, as the Taliban activities had been affecting their jihad against the foreign forces in Afghanistan.

    An official source maintained that the government would never enter into dialogue with the militants as they had been bringing bad name to the country. "Talks will be held with tribal elders and maliks; not with Taliban militants," he added.

    He said that the reports about talks with Taliban had created a lot of problems for the government. Talks will only be held with those tribal elders, who enjoy the support of tribesmen, he went on to say.

    An important Taliban leader said, while pleading anonymity, that Taliban fighters in Pakistan considered Mullah Muhammad Omar as their leader and they would lay their arms if asked by him. "In the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan they will never stop their activities," he said.

    A spokesman for Afghan Taliban earlier stated that there would be no negotiations until US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) troops withdraw from Afghanistan.

    "The Taliban will never negotiate with the Afghan government in the presence of foreign forces," he said. "Even if Karzai gives up his presidency, it's not possible that Mullah Omar would agree to negotiations."

    The Taliban leader said that they were the followers of Mullah Omar and they would never leave their leader alone in the fight against occupation forces. "As far as Baitullah Mehsud's offer of ceasefire is concerned, that might be his personal desire and it is not necessary that Taliban fighters will accept his decision," he said.

    With inputs from Jana Shah in Peshawar, Pakistan


    Rumours of Mullah Omar sacking Mehsud

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