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    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    al Qaeda desperate, dying...dangerous

    Entering a most dangerous period of the GWOT.
    al Qaeda desperate.

    Women, Children and Mentally Disabled are New 'Martyrs' For Al Qaeda - FOXNews

    American al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, Dead

    Al-Qaeda Recruiting Westerners

    US sees shift in Muslim attitudes toward Al-Qaeda - AFP

    Attacks on Muslims may be undermining Qaeda, says US official

    Al-Qaeda in Iraq Teaching Children to Kill, US Says

    Taliban groups declare Pakistan ceasefire


    Taliban, more desperate
    By Ray Robison
    American and Coalition forces have taken the initiative in Afghanistan, and have the Taliban on the run. Yet major American media outlets, to the extent they cover fighting in Afghanistan, are portraying the Taliban as "resurgent". Going on the offense and succeeding at it always increases violence. But is being spun onto bad news/

    The increase in fighting in Afghanistan is not a sign of a stronger Taliban, but rather a more desperate one. Despite all the media reports to the contrary it is we who are surging in the war against the Taliban and al Qaeda.



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