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    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    US special ops Paradigm

    Alot of the money made on the Internet is from inventing a new paradigm, mostly centered on 'sorting information'.

    Google, is just an information sorter.

    And sometimes a Paradigm can look you right in the face and you won't see it.

    I used to store my photos on free sites and twice the sites went down, they couldn't figure out a profitable paradigm.

    And I was making videos, for local Cable show and was looking for some place to store them, someone with a profitable paradigm.
    I always feel like I'm wasting time if I have to load something to the Internet more than once.
    Like the photos, loading them a second time when the first free site went down, Just a waste of time...

    So I wanted someplace to store these big video files,
    but someone that had a profitable paradigm, THEY WOULD BE AROUND.

    And ANYONE knows what a profitable paradigm looks like, they are making money.

    And I found a free site which would allow me to store my videos, it was not a porno site, and even had rules against it. Thats good no reputation issues. But they worked out of a garage and just kept adding new servers as investors came in.
    They are nutz, free, no income, not even any ads.
    I spent several hours looking them over.
    They were just going to fold up like so many others.
    They won't last, they are not the ones to store my videos.

    12 months later they sold the video storage business to Google for 3 Billion dollars.

    I was looking it in the face, and I am trained to see this, participant observation.

    And I missed it.

    The key lied in the commoditization of a million hits, the residual sales value of surfers.
    The one out of a 100,000 visitors that clicks on a link and buys something.
    and not even that; but the value in making the connection between the buying surfer and the Internet business. 25 to 5 cents each click, and split between Google and webpage provider.
    And most of the surfers who do click, don't buy.
    Putting those two people together out of the 100's of thousands of surfers made U-Tube worth 3.3 Billion dollars to Google.
    That profit paradigm is worth $3.3 Billion to Google for U-Tube, and it works.

    This paradigm moves the profit out to the second or third ring of significance to the business.
    The most iimportant thing at U-Tube are the videos, witch attract the millions of surfers, and the 0.05 that click ads. The profit center is such a small slice of the millions of surfers to U-Tube, about 1/2 of 1 %.

    About 0.05 % of the visitors made U-Tube worth 3.3 Billion dollars.

    Perspective, at one time 10.0% click thru ratio was considered good, now its considered IMPOSSIBLE.
    When banners first came on the Internet they wrote "click here" on them so people would know what to do other than just read them.
    Back then I remember telling a friend to click on one and see what happens, They were new.

    So these guys in that garage knew they needed billions of those 0.05 % 'buyers' and they knew how to get them.

    How many other 0.05 %ers are still hidden out there.
    That are related to stopping terrorism?
    Instead of engineering a profit Paradigm,
    Engineer a social change paradigm.

    The guys that built U-tube were Paradigm engineers first, server admin second.

    We need Paradigm hunters, social science types, working this Info War Paradigm out.
    Its there we just need to sift it out, to find and test it. Info War, Social Change Engines,
    addressing root causation problems from a working model. The Internet.

    Other working Internet Paradigms: US special ops com

    al Qaeda setting the Internet terrorism Paradigm



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