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    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Ops and Intel update: 1.28.08

    Keith Ryan, 47, was in-charge of security at the embassy.

    U.S. diplomat found dead


    with agency inputs

    Islamabad, Jan. 28: An American diplomat was found dead at his home here on Monday. The officials allege that he committed suicide. Accor-ding to the police, the US diplomat's body was found in a washroom with a bullet wound in his head.

    A letter has also been found with the body suggesting that he committed a suicide. "The police has taken the body for autopsy to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and an investigation into incident has been initiated," a police official said. The US diplomat is said to be associated with the department of US internal security.

    Interior minister Hamid Nawaz said, "We think this is a case of suicide. This is not the final word. We are investigating."

    Keith Ryan, 47, was in-charge of security at the embassy. He was found dead at his residence in the upmarket F-7/3 area at about 11 am. There was a single bullet wound to his head. The US embassy confirmed that a diplomat had died, but gave no detail. The US does not let its diplomats in Pakistan take their families along due to the security threat.


    58-year-old hacker suspected of selling tech data globally via Internet for a decade
    ATHENS — Greece has captured a man suspected of selling advanced Western technology to Middle East and other states.

    Officials said Greek police arrested a mathematician who hacked into the computer system of France's Dassault Group.

    They said the suspect, detained on Jan. 25, was believed to have acquired weapons technology data and sold them to a range of countries, including some in the Middle East.


    Troops resume targeting militant positions in South Waziristan

    LADHA: Security forces resumed targeting Taliban positions in South Waziristan on Sunday after a lull in the clashes for a day. The security forces pounded militants' positions with heavy artillery and mortar fire, forcing residents of the nearby areas to leave their homes and move to safer locations. Scores of fleeing families have migrated to the adjacent district of Tank via Omar Adda and Tormandai Gomal areas. Many of them complained that the troops were targeting civilian areas and several citizens, including women and children, had been killed and injured in the firing. Two evacuees said the authorities had asked the residents to leave the area by dropping pamphlets from helicopters. They said the people had to cover a 20-hour trek to reach Tank and Tormandai Gomal areas. Meanwhile, talks between a jirga of Mehsud tribesmen and political authorities were continuing on Sunday to negotiate a ceasefire in the area. A member of the jirga Maulana Merajuddin said people were not expecting such an action by the government. Meanwhile, militants in North Waziristan have extended ceasefire till February 10, Geo TV reported. staff report


    Pakistani tourism minister faces a mountain of a job
    Houston Chronicle - United States
    "People died in Lahore the other day. (Benazir) Bhutto has been assassinated. Nobody can hide these facts," admitted Qaiser, Pakistan's secretary of tourism ...





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