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    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    Hacker Arrested for "Internet Terror"

    Hacker Arrested for "Internet Terror"

    Text of report in English by Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post website on 1 January

    [Unattributed report: Seventeen-Year-Old Arab Suspected of 'Internet Terror']

    A 17-year-old from the Arab village of Kfar Karah, in Wadi Ara, was arrested overnight Monday on suspicion of hacking into and sabotaging thousands of Web sites, police said. The suspect allegedly wrecked sites belonging to the Likud Party, Maccabi Tel Aviv, shopping sites and sites used as servers by various other companies.

    The Northern District Police Fraud Squad is set to request a five- day remand extension for the suspected hacker.

    Police described the alleged offences as "Internet terror", accusing the teen of working with several associates from Turkey and Saudi Arabia to specifically ruin Israeli websites. As yet, it is unclear if government sites were affected.

    [A related report on Voice of Israel radio (in Hebrew 1000 gmt 1 Jan 08) said: "The hackers used to leave the following message: You are killing Palestinians, and we will kill your servers."]



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