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    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Comment worthy of its own post. - Leaking Media to the Public


    Never in the history of the world has there ever
    been a group of people who would kill their own
    people in the numbers that the Islamic "so
    called warriors are" willing to do to all of
    those who hold ideas that are different than
    theirs. Almost all of the violence in Iraq is
    Muslims killing Muslims. What is it with a faith
    that exalts people who are brutal murders. Let see
    what the religion of peace has been up to
    recently. I only listed the last 10 days worth of
    Islamic loven:

    1/14/2008 Pakistan Karachi 11 40 Three
    children are among eleven killed in a bombing by
    Islamic militants outside a textile factory.
    1/14/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 8 7 Islamists
    ambush and kill eight local soldiers in a vicious
    attack that leaves them beheaded, shot or blasted
    to death.
    1/14/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 6 6 Religious
    extremists attack a hotel with suicide vests and
    machine-guns, managing to kill six people in the
    1/13/2008 Algeria Medea 3 0 Islamic
    fundamentalists machine-gun three kids to death as
    they are gathering chestnust.
    1/13/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamic gunmen
    shoot a man in the back of the head as he is
    watching television.
    1/12/2008 Iraq Dhuluiya 6 0 Three children
    are among six killed when al-Qaeda gunmen invade
    two homes.
    1/12/2008 Somalia Baidoa 2 0 Two Red Crescent
    workers are killed by suspected members of an
    Islamic militia.
    1/12/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A father is
    murdered by Muslim gunmen after dropping his
    daughter off at school.
    1/12/2008 Iraq Sulaimaniyah 1 0 Shia
    fundamentalists gun down a liquor store owner.
    1/12/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 8 0 Taliban
    militants gun down eight Afghan police officers.
    1/12/2008 Afghanistan Helmand 1 8 A suicide
    bomber tries to enter a house, but is stopped
    short. He still manages to kill one adult and
    injure two children.
    1/11/2008 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 Jihadis bomb a
    bakery, killing four people.
    1/11/2008 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 Islamic
    militants shoot an off-duty soldier to death in a
    1/10/2008 Iraq Baghdad 5 13 A pair of Jihad
    bombings leave five Iraqis dead.
    1/10/2008 Pakistan Lahore 24 80 A suicide
    bomber attacks a police post, killing two dozen
    police and civilians alike.
    1/10/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A Buddhist
    villager is murdered by Muslim gunmen in an
    unprovked attack.
    1/10/2008 Thailand Yala 3 7 Three men are
    shot to death by Muslim terrorists in three
    separate attacks.
    1/10/2008 Yemen Sa'ada 6 6 Six local soldiers
    are killed in an ambush by Shiite radicals.
    1/9/2008 Algeria Ait Yahia 4 2 Islamic
    fundamentalists kill four local soldiers in a
    landmine attack.
    1/9/2008 Philippines Jolo 2 0 Two off-duty
    cops are shot to death by suspected Islamic
    extremists, while jogging along a road.
    1/9/2008 Yemen Haidan 1 0 Shiite militants
    kill a tribal elder.
    1/9/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 34-year-old man
    riding his motorcycle is murderd by Islamist
    1/8/2008 Iraq Madaen 2 5 A Fedayeen suicide
    bomber takes out two Iraqi policemen.
    1/8/2008 Somalia Dibiyada 4 7 Four civilians
    are killed during an ambush by Islamic militants.
    1/7/2008 Afghanistan Helmand 4 4 Taliban
    militants kill four Afghans with a roadside
    1/7/2008 Pakistan Chugmalai 1 3 Islamic
    militants attack a security post, killing a local
    1/7/2008 Iraq Hawija 3 0 A married couple and
    their young son are shot to death by Islamic
    1/7/2008 Iraq Baghdad 18 63 Eighteen
    innocents are are killed in two separate bombings,
    one a Fedayeen attack
    1/7/2008 Iraq Khanaqeen 6 0 Radical Sunnis
    abduct, bind and then murder five men. A carpenter
    is gunned down in a separate attack.
    1/7/2008 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 1 4 A
    suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills a local
    border guard.
    1/6/2008 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0
    Fundamentalists bomb a video shop, killing a
    security guard.
    1/6/2008 Iraq Baghdad 3 16 A Jihad car
    bombing kills three people and injrues sixteen
    1/6/2008 Iraq Baghdad 11 17 A Fedayeen
    suicide bomber attacks an Iraqi celebration of
    national unity, killing eleven innocent people.
    1/6/2008 Pakistan Wana 9 8 Nine tribal
    leaders are killed in two separate shooting
    attacks by Uzbeki Islamic extremists.
    1/6/2008 Iraq Muqdadiya 4 0 Islamic radicals
    kidnap and behead four people, tossing their heads
    out on a highway.
    1/5/2008 Iraq Muqdadiyah 6 3 Jihadis bomb a
    minibus, killing six civilians including women and
    1/4/2008 Pakistan Kurram 3 0 Fighting between
    Sunni and Shia leaves three people dead.
    1/4/2008 Thailand Yala 1 2 A 43-year-old
    villager is shot to death by Muslim militants.
    1/3/2008 Afghanistan Nimroz 7 12 A Fedayeen
    suicide bomber detonates in the middle of road
    construction crew, killing seven workers and their
    1/3/2008 Iraq Baghdad 6 11 Six civilians are
    killed in two separate Jihad attacks.
    1/3/2008 Iraq Khalis 6 3 Six Iraqi soldiers
    are killed inside a home by a bomb set by radical
    1/3/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamists gun down
    a 57-year-old civilian in the street.
    1/3/2008 Iraq Basra 1 0 A woman is shot to
    death by fundamentalists for unIslamic activities.
    1/3/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 44-year-old
    Buddhist rubber tapper is murdered by Muslim
    1/3/2008 India Shopian 1 0 The Mujahideen
    abduct and execute a civilian.
    1/3/2008 Pakistan Kurram 6 11 Six people are
    killed in violence between Sunni and Shia.
    1/3/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 3 A local soldier
    dies from inuries suffered in a roadside bombing
    by militant Muslims.
    1/2/2008 Algeria Naciria 5 7 Islamic
    fundamentalists bomb a police station, killing at
    least five people, including a 10-year-old girl.
    1/2/2008 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 Freedom Fighters
    shoot five children and their father to death in a
    minivan at point-blank range.
    1/2/2008 Somalia Afgoye 3 24 Islamists bomb a
    local market, killing three civilians.
    1/2/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Suspected
    Islamists storm an aid office, killing a local
    1/2/2008 Pakistan Kurram 11 13 Eleven people
    are killed in a sectarian clash between Sunni and
    1/2/2008 Iraq Baqubah 10 28 A female suicide
    bomber sends ten Iraqis to Allah.
    1/2/2008 Afghanistan Helmand 1 1 Taliban
    militants shoot a local soldier to death.
    1/2/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Two border
    guards are murdered by Islamic extremists.
    1/2/2008 Iraq Muqdadiyah 6 3 Sunni radicals
    gun down six civilians in a drive-by attack.
    1/1/2008 Iraq Tahwelah 2 0 Radical Sunnis gun
    down a Shia man and his 16-year-old son.
    1/1/2008 Iraq Baghdad 36 38 A Fedayeen
    suicide bomber wades into a funeral and detonates,
    killing thirty-six people.
    1/1/2008 Pakistan Kurram 2 5 Two people are
    killed in fighting between rival Muslim groups.
    1/1/2008 Pakistan Kahna 2 0 A young couple in
    their 20's is gunned down by family members for
    having sex.
    1/1/2008 Sudan Khartoum 2 0 A US diplomat and
    his driver are killed in a shooting claimed by
    Islamic militants.
    1/1/2008 Iraq Jalawla 5 0 Freedom Fighters
    abduct and murder an Iraqi policeman and four
    members of his family.
    1/1/2008 India Rampur 7 3 Lashkar-e-Toiba
    terrorists carry out an attack on a security base,
    killing at least seven people.
    Posted 1 hour ago by "Thinker001"

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