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    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Cyber Jihadist Hacking Teams

    Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge

    These groups and fractions of religiously brainwashed IT enthusiasts utilizing outdated ping and HTTP GET flooding attack tools, represent today's greatly overhyped threat possed by the cyber jihadists whose cheap PSYOPS dominate, given the lack of strategical thinking, and the lack of sustainable communication channels between them, ruined all of their Electronic Jihad campaigns so far. Religious fundamentalism by itself evolves into religious fanaticism, and with the indoviduals in a desperate psychological need for a belonging to a cause, ends up in one of the oldest and easiest methods for recruitment - the one based on religious beliefs.....

    The teams, and the lone gunmen cyber jihadists in this post are : Osama Bin Laden's Hacking Crew, Ansar AL-Jihad Hackers Team, HaCKErS aLAnSaR, The Designer - Islamic HaCKEr and Alansar Fantom. None of these are known to have any kind of direct relationships with terrorist groups, therefore they should be considered as terrorist sympathizers......

    ( I understand Dan's classification, and agree they have no known connections to known terrorist groups, but our classification is different, the expression of terrorist objectives and diligent working towards those ends with attempted attacks, qualifies some of them as terrorists, the rest, everybody watch. We have over stated the case in previous posts and need to clean it up. G)

    The bottom line, script kiddies cyber jihadists dominate, PSYOPS fill the gaps where there's zero technical know-how, mentors are slowly emerging and providing interactive tutorials to reach a wider audience, localization of knowledge from English2Arabic is taking place the way propaganda is also localized from Arabic2English, and there's also an ongoing networking going on between cyber jihadists and Turkish hacktivists converting into such on a religious level. Case in point - MuslimWarriors.Org defacement campaigns with "anti-infidel" related messages.

    At this time the E-jahiddies are a nuance, cute. If someone could have spotted Bin Laden
    as a boy and influenced him who knows; he might not be killing Muslims, women and children, bombing Mosques and Market places.

    The gold fish could benefit from some influence.
    The sharks are open game.
    The Internet is an area of high risk and high reward for the terrorist.
    This is an area of grave concern.
    Old Chinese curse:
    "May interesting things happen in your life"
    they will, they will....



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