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    Saturday, November 03, 2007

    Taliban SERVANT of al Qaeda

    Taliban is al Qaeda's Servant or autistic savant?

    Al-Qaida's official As-Sahab Media Foundation has released a new video interview with Mullah Mansour Dadullah, who has served as the top military commander of the Taliban since his brother's death in May 2007. When asked whether he intended to persist on with his brother's "tactics of conducting international jihad", Mansour responded, "we have been walking on his footsteps, and following his methods. We are still following his strategy and working to finish what he started."


    hE ADMITS Taliban is al Qaedas servant, note how his turn to the left several times to se if what he has said meets with approval of someone off camera.

    Why doesn't the "anti-terrorism" crew at NEFA allow embeding of the video?

    They also lock their PDF's??? ( NEFA )

    I don't understand the reluctance to share the word.
    This poses a subliminal agenda. ( a commercial paradigm? )


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