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    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    A Taliban Resurgence:

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    A rational, well-informed revision of plans in the Pak-Afghan region
    cannot avoid confronting the rapid evolution of the Taliban threat across the border in
    Pakistan. Western strategists were certainly naive thinking Afghanistan could have been
    stabilized without seriously engaging in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas
    (FATA), where the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

    Pakistan must play an active role in stabilizing war-torn Afghanistan but Islamabad’s security services must first be reigned in, before the crisis in the tribal areas triggers a full-blown conflict. This is all the more necessary given that Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons, weapons that radical Islamists have made clear they hope to acquire.

    Pakistan needs support equally as much as it needs pressure on the country’s establishment to address the toxic relationship in place between sectors of the country’s security services and radical Islamist militants.

    ( I'm confused, there is a toxic relationship between the Islamic militants and the Security Services... like USA and al Qaeda? It should be toxic!! )

    The country’s security apparatus would never be so well-funded, or considered so critical,
    without the existing terrorist threat. Paradoxically, a resolution of the Islamist quandary
    would be an anti-economical scenario for Pakistan’s security services. In such a context,
    the lower cadres of the security services, those who are most exposed to the danger of a
    sudden budget reduction, should be reigned in and motivated without further delay.


    Pakistan's economic take so far has been around $10 Billion usd for fighting Terrorism.
    Pakti won't allow USA to strike aQ in Pakti and Patki won't go after them in battle.
    If Patki defeated aQ or/and Taliban it would remove a major leg of their economy.
    If they did work out a deal the possibilities for double cross are considerable and very high risk.

    New Patki book, " How to live with Terrorism for $10 billion".

    If I've thought about this so have they.
    aQ just can't be allowed to exist, period. Anywhere.
    Let alone a country with Nukes.


    Map below is completely within the Brown area above map,
    all Pashtoon.

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    A Pakitastani view?
    Divide Pakistan: To Eliminate Terrorism
    See larger image

    1050 petition sig,

    NO shortage of paranoia in Pakti Military.


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