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    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Taliban Get the Message Out

    Taliban Get the Message Out

    ( How they are winning the "Info WAR" )

    October 30, 2007: Pro-Taliban
    clerics in Pakistan have developed a new tool for stirring up like-minded
    tribesmen. In the last few years, dozens of illegal FM radio stations have
    appeared in the tribal areas along the Afghan border. The equipment is easy enough
    to get. A rig the size of a large suitcase, and weighing about 30 pounds, will
    generate 50 Watts of power. If you put your broadcast antenna on a hill, you
    can reach listeners several hundred kilometers away. More than enough to range
    to stay in touch with lots of faithful listeners. Such broadcast equipment
    (which requires a government license to use legally in the U.S.) is available
    for a few thousand dollars. Many legal stations in Pakistan and Afghanistan use
    similar equipment. You can get hundred pound, 250 Watt rigs, used by commercial
    stations in that part of the world, for
    under $10,000. You can mount all this in an SUV or pickup truck and stay
    mobile, and one step ahead of the police.


    Taliban connected to hearts and minds...portable FM stations.


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