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    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Qod's agent, start $10,000 per Mo.

    al Qaeda double agents get $10,000 per mo. from Iran.
    ( $20,000 per Mo. from USA ??? )

    "We were aware that Afghani [Islamist] leader Gulboddin Hekmatyar, who resided in Iran [at that time], was acting as an intermediary and liaison [between us and] Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Hekmatyar promised us accommodation in the border city of Zehdan [in southeastern Iran], where the majority of the residents are Baluchi Sunnis. There we met with Al-Qaeda commander Abu Hafs Al-Mauritani....We moved to Teheran and met with the interrogators. They proposed that I collaborate with them from abroad....

    The interrogator began enticing me: '[You will receive] a monthly salary of $10,000, an Iranian passport, and military training with Hizbullah in Lebanon.'

    The [Iranian] officer said: 'You and us, we are both fighting the same enemy, the American [enemy], as well as everyone who supports him and helps him to remain in the region. Your jihad is our jihad, and a joint jihad operation of this kind is a duty incumbent upon us all. Do not fear, we will release you

    SOURCE: Memri


    So how deep into al Qaeda are the qods?


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