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    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Post on al Qaeda's USA's Lone Wolfs.

    Special Dispatch Series - No. 1772 November 21, 2007 No.1772
    The 'Lone Wolf' Theory and John Allen Muhammad
    The Islamist website, hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc., Tampa, FL, USA, published, on November 19, 2007, a proposal by regular forum participant "Jihadi Salafi" on Al-Qaeda's possible use of a "lone wolf" operative in the U.S. and/or the West. [1]

    Following are excerpts from the item: "What Frightens [the FBI] and Deprives Them of Sleep at Night and Peace During the Day is... the Lone Wolves of Al-Qaeda" "Everyone knows about members of dormant cells who roam the foreign land under various guises...

    However, it isn't this that worries the Federal [Bureau of] Investigations... What frightens them and deprives them of sleep at night and peace during the day is... the lone wolves of Al-Qaeda.

    "Everyone knows that a person who is perfectly trained, skilled, and experienced can easily move around on his own, being under less of a danger than [if he were working] as part of a cell... Indeed, a mistake of one of the cell members can destroy the entire cell... [while a lone wolf] need never worry about treason or infiltration... "What a lone wolf needs... if he is, say, in the U.S., is [the following]...

    "1. Excellent knowledge of the colloquial language, a command of the dialect, brogue, street jargon etc. "

    2. Personal appearance that does not reveal any connection with the Arab or the Islamic world. (A command of Spanish is highly desirable... [so that he can claim] to be of Hispanic origin... He must use a foreign name.) "

    3. A forged ID... It is all too easy to get one in the U.S., cheaply and of excellent quality... It is used where one is required to present an ID, for example, while making purchases at Walmart, etc... or [in buying] weapons, hunting rifles, night vision equipment... etc. You [the lone wolf] must take a Mexican or a Brazilian name... since there is a similarity in appearance between them and us... "

    4. Area of residence... There should be no white neighbors or curious types... Areas populated by foreigners or 'Black Americans' are preferable... "

    5. However, he should take care that the area is not infested by drug dealers (especially if it is a black area), since in this case he might be apprehended and be subjected to a routine search... especially at night... "

    6. Extensive knowledge of computers and the Internet... and of their safe use. "

    7. Extensive knowledge of all sorts of tailing, and evading tails. "

    8. A high [level of] expertise in sniping, especially using U.S.-made rifles, since they are easily procured on the black market. Examples are the USMC M40A1, the USMC M40A3, the Remington SPS Tactical, the Winchester Model 70 Stealth & Stealth II, the Rock River Arms Varmint A4, etc. "

    9. Expert use of an attack weapon equipped with a silencer, specially designed for assassinations.
    10. High capability in preparing explosive belts and firebombs for setting fire to small vehicles...

    Lone Wolf: John Allen Muhammad

    "Joined the U.S. Military Forces in 1985... Was trained as an expert in the M16 automatic rifle, and participated in special sniper training... Worshiped bin Laden... In 2003, fired at more than 11 civilians from a sniper rifle. The FBI could not catch him until he committed an error: His assistant leafed through a newspaper in one of the places which had been attacked, leaving his fingerprints on the site... "

    After the two were apprehended, it was discovered that [they had a] plan incorporating three stages. The first was to murder six people daily during the period of one month - all in all, 180 people... "These events led the U.S. security apparatuses to come up with a theory stipulating the possibility that people of this kind were being trained by Al-Qaeda and sent to the U.S. - especially those who had lived in the U.S. for many years [and] were sharp and well-versed in the ways of American society.

    Such people were sent to operate independently as 'lone wolves,' with secure financial support by [sources] outside [the U.S.]... "This theory still deprives the U.S. internal security [apparatuses] of sleep... Can it be put into practice?"




    That Investigation was an abomination .



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