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    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Afghan LSD experience, political illusions.

    Small village.

    What is real and NOT in Afghan and Pakti?
    Illusion or reality?

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    Discerning truth from fiction is hard work in Afghanistan, and a handful of
    Afghans sitting around a fire waiting for the biting cold of the winter to give way
    constitutes a formidable myth-producing machine—without any further need for a
    structured propaganda effort. Legend relates how the Taliban insurgency was actually
    ignited by a group of Arabs and Chechens, Osama Bin Laden loyalists, who attacked a
    police post in Paktika in 2002, marking the beginning of a new, bloody conflict. After
    that first operation, there was no need for the foreign fighters to engage in battle that
    often; “Where Arabs go first, Afghans will follow suit.” Sadly, that seems to have been
    the case. ( Taliban follow al Qaeda like a woman follows a man.)

    The Taliban are apparently converging on the Musayi Valley, a traditionally
    restive area in the Capital district known to locals and NATO personnel as "Little
    Helmand". Musayi appears to be the location chosen to establish hidden operating bases
    from where the insurgents can launch operations against Coalition and the Afghan
    National Army (ANA) targets in the Capital region.


    The aim of Op OQAB ALPINI was to re-establish
    a permanent ISAF and Afghan National
    Security Force (ANSF) presence to the south
    of the city in the Musayi Valley and begin long-
    term R&D. Improved security was needed to
    enable CIMIC activities as a precursor to long-
    term Government of Afghanistan investment
    to provide a better standard of life for the local
    population. SOURCE:
    Clinic dedicated to Italians Our Correspondent16 Jul 2007
    KABUL: A cornerstone-laying ceremony dedicated the first stone clinic in the Musayi Valley
    Christian Parenti: Taliban Rising13 Jan 2007 by Ronald
    "The Italians call that the Valley of Death," says my local guide matter-of-factly as we pass a lush little cluster of villages wedged between two desiccated slopes. We are still in Kabul Province, the Musayi district.
    Afghanistan launches massive anti-Taliban operation16 Sep 2006 by Editor
    Also on Saturday, three Afghan employees of a non-governmental organization (NGO) were killed and another wounded as a remote-controlled bomb targeted their vehicle in Musayi district in the south of the central Kabul province, ...



    Madyan is located in Swat, Sarhad, Pakistan. It is one of the popular hill stations in Pakistan.

    The Madyan General store.
    About 100 homes.
    2 cops.

    The press present these Taliban "take overs" , like they are a important military victory,
    when in fact these are small villages with a few guards for police and can be easily retaken at any time.

    It is difficult to distinguish between important events and political fluff currently in Afghan or Pakti.


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