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    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Paradigm Peek at Pakti

    Pakti Paradigm shaping up?

    Musharraf and Bhutto and other factions forming up an pro-Pakti alliance also with the Old Taliban. If he successfully negotiates this it will be ok, if not he will be dead, he seems very confident.

    On the other side is al Qaeda and the "New Taliban" ( literally Islamic PUNKS. ) They know the importance of civil unrest, and currently aQ and Taliban are in a fit of Violence, expect past suicide records to be broken.

    Musharraf may have feared a coup, and declared the state of emergency. Which will simmer for a while.

    As these alliances coalesce support should firm up.

    USA still has no "Info WAR" fighting for the hearts and minds in Pakti.
    aQ wins by Pashto language Engine ( translator ) to spread the "OTHER" Pashto media effort...Internet, FM, papers, TV.

    This is a very dangerous phase for the GWOT.

    Covert forces may tip the balance in
    Musharraf's favor.

    Taking out top level al Qaeda could be a fatal blow at this point.

    Terrorist Morale is at its lowest point in 6 yrs, the only bright spot for

    them is Patki, and aQ are diverting forces and money from Iraq to Patki.

    This could be next to the last stand for aQ.

    Now is a bad time to mess with Patki's Budget,
    way to delicate time....


    .Loss of "Info WAR" could cost Pakti


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