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    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Nuclear Events

    Event: Nuclear Event
    Urgency: Past
    Severity: Minor
    Certainty: Observed
    Headline: Nuclear Event - Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Description: Nearly one tonne of radioactive waste has disappeared from a hospital in Banja Luka over the last couple of days, Bosnian Serb media reported Tuesday citing official sources. The radioactive material needed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes was stored in lead containers in the basement of the Banja Luka hospital, from where it was stolen, Bosnian Serb Health Minister Ranko Skrbic told local media. Skrbic however said the waste should not be dangerous to the population. It was likely that the containers would be sold as the lead is very heavy and has a certain market value, reports said. Skrbic said an investigation into the case would be opened to find out how it was possible for the radioactive lead containers to disappear from the hospital's storage, despite security measures.
    Description: Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Republika Srpska Banja Luka



    Second Attack on South African Nuke Plant

    By Noah Shachtman EmailNovember 13, 2007 | 11:57:17 AMCategories: Crime, Nukes

    Htf "On the same night last week that four robbers shot an emergency officer at Pelindaba" -- South Africa's most important atomic facility -- "another attempt was made to bypass the nuclear site's security," according to The Sowetan.

    The site’s outer security perimeter was breached in both incidents, SA Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) chief executive Rob Adam disclosed today...

    Adam said that the two attempts appeared to have been “co-ordinated” but there was no evidence to verify this as yet.

    It was not clear what the motive for the breaches was, and all possibilities were being investigated, he said...

    “Modus operandi implied prior knowledge of electronic security systems. I’m not saying it is an inside job. I’m saying whoever did this, knows these systems very, very well.”





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