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    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Accumulated Paradigm ERRORS:

    Accumulated Paradigm ERRORS:

    USA has a Co-dependent relationship with Terrorism.
    USA wants to kill them and
    they want to die, Martyrs.


    The feed back loop for USA and the ME is malfunctioning.

    They think in order to get USA's attention they need to resort to suicide bombers.

    USA would like to know about a/the problem before it gets to the suicide bombers stage.

    USA was attacked 3 or 4 times before USA took them seriously.

    Terrorism is not the fault of USA,
    But USA should take every step to provide working feedback loops.


    With the properly worked "Internet Media" arm, the "Ummah" would know the State Departments logic on a problem before The State Dept. meets with the country's President. We have access to the hearts and minds, USA just doesn't talk to them.


    With al Qaeda's history, if they or the Taliban ever get control of a Nuke site, USA should have standing rules of engagement to immediately take out that nuke site, where ever it is, in USA, Israel or Pakti, when they have physical control it is to late for statesmanship. Engaging them non-kinetically only buys them time for attack.


    Before the attack on Iran, Swat teams in Police Dept. should be trained on fighting small Automatic weapons squads. Hamas. How would DHS handle 25 or 30 small fire teams around USA? Remember the Bank robbers in LA, 2 of them took on 30 police officers. Or the Two DC snipers.


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