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    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    USA Terrorist Paradigm out of sync

    Whitehouse report called for improved capacity to find and expel illegal aliens, "including criminals and potential terrorists."
    But the borders are wide open, administration's failure to push immigration reform through Congress doesn't make sense.

    Americans have to have a passport to go to Mexico or Canada now, but aliens can just walk across the border???

    If there is a serious attack in the USA, this paradigm disconnect will cause the defeat of Republicans for years.

    The NIE, which prefigured much of Tuesday's report, said Al-Qaeda had regrouped in Pakistan "and would not hesitate" to use weapons of mass destruction on the United States.

    BUT the borders are open?
    Terrorist can walk in.
    USA has caught them, again and again

    All communications are tapped but the borders are open???


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