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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    USA Civilians Killed al Qaeda on the Internet

    USA Government missed some things during the 6 yrs GWOT.

    And to be fair the Army the Military branches of the Government have done an outsanding JOB of WAR. They adapted faster than any Corporation could have, the technology they have developed and deployed is awesome.

    The KIA stats as compared to WWII and Vietnam show a clear focused effective Paradigm.

    The USA Military are the most successful effective corporation in the world.

    In gearing up for this war ( USA is always gearing up for the next WAR, its their job )
    the Government missed the Internet effect and its capabilities as a force multiplier.

    The civilian population were the first to experience, observe al Qaeda on the Internet,
    al Qaeda were the first to adapt the WWW paradigm. We found their Internet Risks and exploited them. The Internet is a force Multiplier, but also opens a back door to al Qaeda.

    Just as the Americans on the jet liner took over the plane from the hijackers.
    ( On 911 it was Civilians that first stepped in and confronted al Qaeda face to face. )
    American civilians saw the WWW void and stepped in, stepped up to serve.
    Keyboard to keyboard.

    Western Blogs stepped in to counter the Propaganda war, or the Infowar, and countered the lies and propaganda.

    The thing that really amazed me and was unexpected is the quality of WAR analysis from the Civilian sector.

    And I want to call this the "Brilliant civilian sector".
    It included the likes of Bill Roggio,Dancho Danchev, Douglas Farah, Ray Robison, team at Counter terrorism Blog, Jamestown, Laura Mansfield, Memri, Site, and many many others.

    And there have been Civilians leading the effort to shut down terror sites, when it was eaiser for Armed forces to gat an approval to bomb a house and kill everyone than an OK to take down a server. The Civilian sector stepped in and took care of it.

    Thinking 'leaving up' or 'taking down' terror sites.

    Everytime al Qaeda screwed up the civilians were there to point it out, catch them and expose it.

    And there is another secret civilian sector with hacking abilities that regularly report to Government agencys. Even Civilians to be-friend the terrorist on line and report their actions

    WE all fight al Qaeda to the extent of our abilities and I salute you ALL.


    al qaeda controling the Internet Paradigm till now.

    al Qaeda Intel Web penetrated.

    Expect regrouping and big push on the last battleground. Palestine.


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