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    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Obelisk II

    The al qaeda Internet network is known to U.S. intelligence as Obelisk. It "serves not only as the distribution system for the videos produced by Al Qaeda's production company, As-Sahab, but also as the equivalent of a corporate intranet, dealing with such mundane matters as expense reporting and clerical memos to mid- and lower-level Qaeda operatives throughout the world," the Sun reported. source:

    The Web sites are scattered all over the Internet and some have fake names. Many are being hosted unwittingly by proprietors because al Qaeda operatives have hacked into their hosting systems.

    "We saw the whole thing shut down because of this leak," one intelligence official, who spoke on anonymity, told the Sun. "We lost an important keyhole into the enemy."

    U.S. intelligence officials actually saw the order from al Qaeda's technical team to operatives in Malaysia to shut down the network. Now, intel officials believe, the network has been moved to secret new locations scattered on the Internet.


    Who's fault? Who leaked? We don't know.

    The fact remains al qaeda will try and set up a new system.
    Problem remains how do they vet members?
    They have to send out the new URLs to members.
    And the are recruiting.

    If you have ever tried to vet someone via the Internet it is near impossible.
    Problem comes when you try to confirm the Internet person is the same person you communicate with. The real person ID = this internet virtual person.

    For now al Qaeda is safe.
    But everyone s working on penetrating Obelisk II.

    Some of our past work

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