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    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    al Qaeda Review, Paradigm Intel

    al Qaeda has b een at war with the USA for 6 years now.

    For six years they have been sending suicide bombers against Western forces. The best warriors have been wasted in this manner, 50% of them kill only themselves, and they are running out of confused people to commit suicide. Used them all up, at least suicide volunteers are WAY down.

    For six years their cadre has run against the USA shredder.

    For six years they have called for volunteers.
    For six years the top level leaders have kept well hidden, while experienced secondary and third level cadre have been continually hunted and killed.

    Look around where you work, pick the top guy and now mentally remove the next two persons, who does that leave in charge?

    For six years al Qaeda has had to run the organization remotely.
    And ops and military actions show the problems.

    Remote control of sections means they can't enforce their will and are left with what ever the current leaders want to do, or don't want to do.

    The attrition of their ranks have lead to importing foreign troops and leaders which has lead to fights and killing between indigenous militias and continual power struggles.

    Drug use and the availability and cheapness of opium, heroin, and maryjane has had an impact in the Taliban and al Qaeda.
    By using foreign volunteers they have also introduced the criminal element into their ranks.

    al Qaeda has turned "Jihad" into a dirty word.

    Islam its self is turning against al Qaeda, an effort and pressures to convert the Taliban to some kind of rational Islam continues to mount.

    al Qaeda in its past 3 video releases are begging for suicide bombers, and troops.
    They get criminals, new bees, wanta bees, and the in-experienced.

    Many they drug up and send on involuntary suicide bombings, bomber doesn't know the truck he is driving is rigged to explode by timer or remotely.

    And they continually violate the Koran, Muslim killing Muslim, women and children bombing Mosques and market places.

    AQ is hurting on all fronts and feeling the pain of defeat.

    What will al Qaeda's last gasp look like?
    More attacks on civilian populations as AQ is denied.
    And a desperate violent attacks to try and remain relevant and current and in the news.


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