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    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Suicide bomber, NOT, Tricked by al Qaeda

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Ahmad al Shayea is the rarest of truck bombers -- he survived his suicide mission in Iraq even though the blast from his bomb was strong enough to kill 12 bystanders.


    Ahmad al Shayea survived his truck bomb attack, but not without scarring to his face and hands.

    Al Shayea, who was disfigured during the attack, claims al Qaeda tricked him into becoming a bomber by asking him to deliver a tanker truck, which they had rigged with a bomb.

    "They told me to take it to an address in Baghdad. As soon as I got there the truck exploded," said the native of Saudi Arabia. He survived by jumping out of the truck.

    Al Shayea renounced terrorism and returned to Saudi Arabia, where he works to convince would-be insurgents and terrorists to give up their deadly ways.

    "I think God took me out of death to show others what can happen," he told CNN. "If you join al Qaeda, they will use you, and maybe you will die." Video Hear why al Shayea turned his back on al Qaeda »

    Al Qaeda propaganda videos glorify so-called foreign fighters in Iraq like al Shayea. It has recruited them from countries all across the Middle East.

    Some Iraqi officials say more Saudis than any other nationality have responded to al Qaeda's call. Saudi officials and the U.S. military deny that claim. But Saudi sources do admit that more than 800 young Saudis have gone to Iraq to fight. That's far more than the Saudi government has acknowledged until now.

    Since 9/11, when 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, the oil rich kingdom has been accused of spreading radicalism. It's a claim that stings this longtime U.S. ally, which also finds itself in al Qaeda's cross hairs.

    Keeping them honest
    While politicians and the White House debate the war, Anderson Cooper talks with Iraqis, U.S. troops.
    Tonight, 10 p.m. ET

    So now, Saudi officials say they are escalating their fight against homegrown al Qaeda militants. Former insurgents and terrorists like al Shayea are their chief weapon in the battle for the hearts and minds of young Saudis.

    "The reality behind it is the religious misunderstanding of Islam, so we have to correct the ideas," said Dr. Mansour al Turki, a psychologist.

    Al Shayea and hundreds of other Saudis who were aligned with terrorists are being re-educated in prisons and rehabilitation centers. They are taught that al Qaeda's emphasis on a violent approach to Islam is wrong.


    If you work for al Qaeda, your just cannon fodder, they ask a favor and KILL YOU.


    How many Muslims were killed this way, unable to prepare?

    Then they lie to the families, and the families say they had no idea...


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