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    Friday, September 07, 2007

    net neutrality : we will tell the grand kids about it.

    Comments of Google Inc.
    WC Docket No. 07-52
    June 15, 2007
    The FCC should adopt a national broadband policy that seeks to further network neutrality as a
    market environment. As part of that policy, the Commission should promptly initiate a
    rulemaking proceeding to consider various proposals; these include:
    • incremental fixes (more and better broadband data, user transparency mandates)
    • structural changes (various forms of network-based competition)
    • a ban on most forms of packet discrimination
    • an effective enforcement regime.
    These policies represent modular, multimodal mechanisms for creating new user options and
    disciplining the market behavior of the incumbent broadband providers.

    It looks like this isn't going to happen, we are going to be paying more...
    and getting less, Bush seems to be against it.

    Those free loadin bloggers will be harder to read, less popular,
    they use up to much band width, and can't be controled.


    Comcast has punished some transgressors by cutting off their Internet service, arguing that excessive downloaders hog Internet capacity and slow down the network for other customers. The company declines to reveal its download limits.

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