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    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    GOLD HI / DOLLAR LOW, terror attack

    By Michael Mackenzie and Daniel Pimlott in New York Fri Sep 28, 5:25 PM ET

    The dollar hit a record low against major currencies
    and gold reached a 27-year high on Friday.

    That is problematic.
    There is a investment method that decrees that everything known, secret and public is reflected in a stocks chart.
    Meaning that if someone knows a secret and there is a way to profit, it is human nature to make that profit. So if there is secret bad news there will be secret selling and so on.

    The Arabs fear the Persians and currently al Qaeda does oppose the Persians so the Arabs don't want AQ completely out of the picture, but they do want some control over AQ.

    They achieve this with bribes.
    Which explains This:
    ABU DHABI..(((WOW)))

    And this also explains how there were 11,000 Americans in Lebanon and none were killed or taken hostage. And why they quit beheadings.

    Of coures there is a two way communication between the payor and payee, what each is going to do.

    And that brings me to the point of this article, to drive the dollar down and gold up to record prices someone is moving USD to Gold in very large quanities.

    On 8.14.07
    The European Central Bank scrambled to head off a potential financial crisis on Thursday by pumping an emergency €94.8bn ($131bn) into the region's banking system after liquidity in the interbank market started to dry up, threatening banks' access to short-term funds.
    Its not sub-prime problems, max. loss on that $30 Billion.USD
    Was the cause of the illiquidity cash withdrawals? ( or equivalent )
    Why and who would want to withdraw funds on this scale?

    These secret trades bode ill will for USA.

    Somebody knows something.
    And it must be big if they expect to make money from golds high now.
    In the $700 USD range.

    And someone needs to be applying pressure to find out what they know.

    Series 7 and 13
    ps some one reccommended a terrorist option, which was Genius, but way ahead of its time.
    I don't think this is sub-prime related, total exposure on that is $40 billion.

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