Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: EXCLUSIVE: binny is in a wet cave below snowline.

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    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    EXCLUSIVE: binny is in a wet cave below snowline.

    Put on your stereo head phones turn the volume up,
    you will notice the slight echo, ( small cave 9 x 9 foot )
    and the squeaky wheel in the background ( damp )

    at 2:06 you hear a lighter
    3:36 LIGHTER AGAIN, softer
    5:38 SOUND
    7:17 lighter
    7:27 lighter
    8:53 big water drip ( damp )
    9:35 they switch the Arabic sub-title to English.
    14:00 video CUT ( video has been doctored )
    14:35 LIGHTER
    17:25 SOUND
    18:10 small water drip ( damp )
    21:26 sound

    So Binny is not alone, according to lighter use maybe as many as 3 people in there with binny.
    Or maybe they aren't smoking tobacco.
    Water drips mean they are below snowline,
    Its cold maybe 60 degrees F.

    He is not wearing suicide robes.
    No gun visible
    His right eye is drooping.
    Black beard sign of war.

    Binnys 26 min video

    ....Compare voices to this one.
    binny is in a wet cave below snowline. NOT

    Fly over Mountain range where Tora Bora is.



    Posted on 09/09/2007 3:57:28 AM PDT by George Maschke

    Osama Bin Laden's widely reported video address to the American people has a peculiarity that casts serious doubt on its authenticity: the video freezes at about 1 minute and 36 seconds, and motion only resumes again at 12:30. The video then freezes again at 14:02 remains frozen until the end. All references to current events, such as the 62nd anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan, and Sarkozy and Brown being the leaders of France and the UK, respectively, occur when the video is frozen! The words spoken when the video is in motion contain no references to contemporary events and could have been (and likely were) made before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

    The audio track does appear to be in the voice of a single speaker. What I suspect was done is that an older, unreleased video was dubbed over for this release, with the video frozen when the audio track departed from that of the original video.


    Paradigm Intel: video is an old video,
    colored beard to disguise vid, ( Photoshop )
    They found a voice similar to Binnys,
    Played old video, voice over by sound alike voice.
    Parts where lips didn't match, they frooze the vid.
    Added squeeky wheel for cover.
    maybe faked echo and background sounds to juice it up.
    video is Binny.
    Voice is NOT Binnys.

    Binny is dead and this is the beginning of the end for al Qeda.


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