Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bin Laden hidding in Chitral district, Patki, Flyover

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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Bin Laden hidding in Chitral district, Patki, Flyover

    Osama bin Laden hiding IN Chitral district, Patki -
    informed sources tell CBS News U.S. intelligence believes Osama bin Laden is hiding out in the Chitral district of northern Pakistan. A number of reports from human sources, including some alleged sightings, have put him there, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.

    None of the reports has been independently confirmed, but there are enough of them to persuade intelligence analysts that it’s his most likely location.

    Chitral is a remote, rugged area governed by tribes that will not allow even the Pakistani army to operate there.

    “They have a code of hospitality for guests, and they’ve probably also gotten a fair amount of money from bin Laden,” says Daniel Benjamin of the Brookings Institute,

    fly over Chitral area.

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