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    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    off subject: Fire fox ( HATE ) vs IE

    This is a prime time for IE to take on FF.

    Fire fox crashes every 6 months without fail and requires reinstalation, digging up all the addons, and installing them plus re-entering all the passwords.

    I have come to hate FF, as it is not reliable.

    IE, would have to improve the saving of passwords, IE looses passwords very eaisly.

    And it is an incredable pain to adjust security setting for indivual sites.

    And it just doesn't have the addons FF has, and all FF addons are FREE.

    Microsoft fix IE to fuctional level of FF.

    Or FF STOP the damn crashes, or make them eaiser to recover from, without having to re-install everything.

    The first will own the Browser war, I know where you can hire a good anthropologist for
    user testing and evualation.

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