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    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Is it an objective to kill all the kiffers?

    From an Forum:
    Part of a debate.

    Senior Analyst BILL

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    I wanted to take some time to study the "process" of our debate.
    And then got called to an emergency.
    But it gave me much time to think.

    While you did speak from the tip of your tongue also the middle, but very little form the back of your tongue.

    Two people can see the same accident from different sides of the street and have two different storys, neither lying, both believing what they say.

    Partly I believe we have some of this here.

    We have been reviewing the past for "causes" citing examples.

    I don't think an answer lies in the past.

    A solution does not lie in the past.

    Let me cross to your side of the street and look at the accident thru your half blind eyes, and upside down... ( lol )

    OK for the sake of discussion, to move beyond the past, and let me be VERY clear here, I do not agree with your version of the past, but for argument only.

    Lets say mistakes were made, USA did all the things you said, and the Islam the same. Mistakes made on both sides.

    OK now what?

    1.6 Billion Muslims, if 1% of any population are psycho paths?, so there are 1.6 million possible recruits.
    People crazy enough to kill civilians, women, children, bomb mosques and market places even train their children for suicide are out there.

    And the USA a super power, which has used NUKES before.

    That is the PARADIGM.

    Is it an objective to kill all the kiffers?

    To convert the world by force if necessary?

    What needs to be done to correct these wrongs, ( none of which USA will admit to, nor Islam admit to )

    Right now in the USA the people are just tired of the "terrorism".
    But AQ will push this till they do something big.
    And that will piss the American people off and the Gloves will come off,
    USA people if pissed off enough they will re-up the draft and have 600,000 troops and Nukes...
    to be pissed happened in WWI and WWII, and did Carpet bombing.

    How does the world get off this train?
    It is a train wreck waiting to happen,
    And I believe USA will follow AQ into HELL.


    Please don't say USA just leave and everything will be fine, we both Know thats not true.

    Can AQ be controlled?
    Turned off?
    Stop the attacks?

    If the reply comes back afixing all the blame to one side then this approach has failed also.

    What can both sides do to fix this.


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