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    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    Iranian Hero's of the Ummah: Martyr

    Hanging Martyr of the Iranian Revolution, HERO.
    bonafide Persian Mujahideen.

    UPDATE:OCT 2012

    #Iranians do NOT leave RIALS in bank,if bank fails,U loose,
    Regime can freeze accounts,or force U exchange for 
    NEW near worthless Rials2 G

    Some Iranians turned away from banks as banks don't have cash to cover deposits, G

     #IranCrisis #Iran 
    If banks refused U your money pls tweet

     Some Iran banks liquidity problems, stress test Ur bank, withdraw all your funds for day, check liquidity, B 4 2 L8...G

    مردم ایران حمایت های مالی
    “Chi mikhad beshe?” IRANIANS TAKE FINANCIAL COVER 

    UPDATE: 05.30.09
    From our source with the Iranian resistance:

    " this moment ( today ) this regime has lost all popularity and is hated and mistrusted by all people, even in the ill iterated sections such as the far fetched villages...people have released the truth about it: it is a religious tyranny which only is in power because of force and strict suppression. without this u can be sure people will not stand a day under this rule
    They have realised that it has been incapable of solving under-problems of the society they are not fooled like the western intellectuals that there might be a some saviour from inside this regime in a tempered so called elections.LOL
    That's why the students give up their lives such as the one u see in the clip to deliver the truth about the elections...none of the candidates make a difference...and they don't believe in them..."


    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Why is this Hero smiling at his
    own Hanging?

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket( Photobucket USELESS, G )
    Whom did he kill?
    "Judge moghadass who has been killed by two young
    Iranians was one of the torturers and one of the authors
    of the executions of 88 !!
    Really it shows that none of their crimes will not be
    without respond
    and the brave young Iranians will answer them as
    their deserve

    look at this picture and look how he is proud !
    there is no fear in his face
    because he believes in freedom"

    Our informant:
    "they had killed the manwho was a known person
    as far as genocide is concerend ..
    with a knife!!
    and during 2 years of imprisonment they had not
    "repented" as expected...and even so just before
    being hanged they had saids that they do not
    regrette what they had done..."

    He goes on:
    "another youth
    killed another mullah
    some weeks ago
    and he is going to be
    publicly executed too"

    Farsi website:

    One of them escaped, "and tried to get help from a
    counsulate - think the US-
    but they turned him into the Interpole and then to
    Iran" Where he was hung.

    Once Again USA steps on its own D***.

    The revolution is turning fatal for some
    in the Regime.

    Iran does fear them,
    In the official news
    they changed the cause of death
    from stabbing to shooting.

    Shooting is a much more serious charge,
    it implies armed resistance.

    Iran hangs 29, video

    stolen Iranian elections see above.

    He is a bonafide Persian Mujahideen ,
    martyred, Salute. G


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