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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Iran Qods, surge, with IED's

    Night Watch: AAJAF - The day after Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki returns from Tehran, Iran assassinates two Shi'ite obstacles to Iran's influence in the country. Jasim Azawi, Al Jazeera's presenter of Inside Iraq accurately described it as a "targeted assassination" as the two officials' convoy was hit by 10 IED's (improvised explosive devices). The officials were based in Qadisiyah province in the south of the country. Of course al-Maliki was informed this was going to happen to not only remove two obstacles to Iran's influence in the country but to gradually destroy al-Maliki's administration, which means London-Washington have no government to work with and defend. [ALJAZEERA]

    USA had meetings with Iran about Iraq's security and the harm Iranian IED's are doing, army says its 30% of USA's KIA, our estimate puts it closer to 40%.

    Right after the meeting there was a surge in IED attacks.

    Some General suggested bombing Iranian oil fields?
    Maybe just some unknown explosions, like the train in N. Korea.


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