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    Monday, August 06, 2007

    New AQ video, JOKE

    the high quality links for the english version don't work atm

    Password is : fdv908

    Ok they have a video in three languages, arabic, english and urdu,
    And the English files don't work, to 600+ different locations.

    AQ must think this is important.

    Look at who they chose for the cover pic.
    A dead man Binny,
    Dead man walking: al Zawahiri

    And a boy toy chub: Gaddahn ( with make up, a kiffer living among them )
    Zawahiri stills refuses to be on screen with the american Gaddahn, no public display.
    Its a kitchen list of complaints, threats and cartoon of car blowing up.

    al Qaeda keeps looking for softer targets as they are running out of men.
    Now they threaten embassies.

    1 hour, 17 minute video waste of time.

    They are loosing it and trying to remain relevant.
    This video is just sad. Well done, but no content, all flash.

    Their demand is "Stop the Crusade and leave the Muslims alone."
    Ole binny should have thought of this before he did 911.

    And a lengthy whine from a suicide bomber that took the easy way out.

    The video continues to glorify Muslim killing Muslim, women, children and bombing Mosques and market places, an abomination to Allah and the Koran.

    They should consider surrender and then USA would pull out.

    All this hoopla and then this 1 hour and 17 min whine.
    Gaddhan came to limelight in 2004 when he threatened in one such video, "Allah willing, the streets of America will run red with blood." 2 years later and no blood in streets, Gaddhan not a reliable source.

    An analysis of the attacks carried out in the past two years reveals a curious fact. In 43% of the bombings conducted last year and in 26 of the 57 bombings traced in this study up to June 15 this year, the only death caused by the bombing was that of the bomber himself. This means that, astoundingly, about 90 suicide bombers in this two-year period succeeded in killing only themselves.

    There was one period in the spring of 2006 (February 20 to June 21) when a stunning 26 of the 36 suicide bombers in Afghanistan (72%) killed only themselves. This puts the kill average for Afghan suicide bombers far below that of suicide bombers in other theaters of action in the area (Israel, Chechnya, Iraq and the Kurdish areas of Turkey).

    Such unusual bomber-to-victim death statistics are, of course, heartening both for coalition troops.

    Expected more.
    Full video here

    This is AQ Begging for suicide take the EASY way out.

    Request continues to go unheeded, for good reason.


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