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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    "CLASSIFIED" OPS in Malawa valley

    what is going on?


    Black is sky, top of mountain is border

    Yellow line border.

    Yellow line is Patki Afghan border

    OP' s view looking down on Malawa valley, from the mountainside
    across from Tora Bora. USA op stationed here.

    "Information on Tora Bora is not to be shared,
    that is the guidance we've had,"
    "It's classified."........

    NO reporters allowed.
    NO reports from the Taliban.
    NO videos from the Taliban.
    Nothing from al Qaeda.

    Military sources not commenting.
    Foreign journalist Zip.
    Home country journalist nothing.

    Dr. Amin al Haq, who serves as Osama bin Laden's security coordinator, was reported to have been wounded in the fighting, The Telegraph's Tom Coghlan reported from Tora Bora. Al Haq is said to have fled across the border into Pakistan's Kurram agency. As bin Laden's security coordinator, al Haq commands the elite Black Guard, the fanatical praetorian bodyguards devoted to the security of al Qaeda's leader.

    THE LEADER OF THE "Black Guard".
    He was wounded early in the op, before all the back doors were closed.
    He was sent out for medical treatment at a hospital.
    His forces the Black Guard did not leave with him.

    Terrorist media arm has released no videos, that signals it is closed up tight.
    No terrorist media reports, its bad for them.
    No escape. Who or what ever is there is trapped.

    Very simmilar to some operations against the Japs in WWII.

    To my memory this is a first large classified operation and
    THEY are forbidding reporters.


    EXPECT a press release soon.


    more on this op

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    Blogger Dr. Alan Weldon said...

    Sorry for the omission, thought I had it in the post from AT. I didnt realize you responded, I read your site but never read the profile. Great site and the hard work shows
    Doc Weldon -the Horse Doctor

    5:01 PM  

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