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    Monday, August 06, 2007

    al Qaeda's new leadership

    And most important notice the field of depth in the photo, Gaddahan is first.

    An indication of the NEW al Qaeda leadership.
    OBL is looking AWAY,
    Zawahiri is in the BACKGROUND,
    and in the FOREGROUND the heir apparent: Gaddahn.
    The NEW al Qaeda leader.

    O'samma is quite faded,
    Zawahiri less faded,
    and Gaddahn very clear....

    Its not a surprise, al qaeda's media arm is full of young, Internet
    savy, power hungry jahidists
    and Gaddahn is closer to their age and is not computer illiterate, and
    would cooperate with them 100%.

    Hell al Qaeda can't even run their own Jihad,
    they have an American do that for them..

    One way or the Other an American will be telling al Qaeda what to do.


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