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    Friday, August 24, 2007

    16 Iraqi captured while trying to sneak into USA

    We need more boots on the ground on the border.

    of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said.

    Later, addressing a question about security along the U.S.-Mexico
    border, McConnell said that people linked to terrorist groups had
    sought to enter the United States from the south, but "not in great numbers."

    Referring to the southwestern border, he said: "Would they use it as
    a path, given it was available to them? In time they will."

    He said that a "significant number" of Iraqis have been smuggled
    across the border in the past year. A spokesman for McConnell
    clarified that the Iraqis were asylum-seekers, who have been
    apprehended at border crossings in increasing numbers. So far this
    year, 178 Iraqis seeking asylum have been detained along the southern
    border; 16 were captured while trying to sneak into the United
    States, the spokesman said.



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