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    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Jahidists LAZY

    Some Jahidist are lazy.

    They take the easy way out.

    Blow themselves up in an instant.


    Fight for 50 more years, this is hard.
    Suicide is easy, instant, and leaves others
    around to fight and deal with the problems.

    To jihad in daily life, day after day, year in
    and year out, 10 of years, making progress,
    changes and making life better.

    Or end your struggle in an instant,
    as a munaafiqeen (hypocrite).

    To collapse your life into an easy instant,
    or the work and sucesses of a lifetime of Jahid.

    To work as water wearing the stone away
    drop by drop for a life time. A life time of
    shining Allah's light.

    Or end it as a lazy Flash Bang. A micro-second flash.

    Jihadists do not kill women, children or bomb Mosques
    or Market Places, munaafiqeen do.

    USA wants to leave, six years ago they would have
    left, stop muslims killing muslims and they will leave.

    al Qaeda doesn't want them to leave, AQ has a non-religious
    agenda of power, a caliphate. They do not desire PEACE.
    They keep war going in the land of two rivers in a power
    struggle forcing Muslims to kill Muslims with lies, spin virtual

    AQ views the Iraqi Ummah as their DOGS.

    ps The keefers formed a caliphate without any violence.
    the EU.

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