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    Friday, July 20, 2007

    Islamofascist take on Chinese and Koreans???

    Pakistan: Revenge Attacks on Chinese Nationals and Security Personnel
    By Animesh Roul

    It is rightly observed that Pakistan is on the brink of precipice. In Pakistan, Chinese nationals, security forces and Musharraf regime, all are in an Islamist terror mess, especially after the fall of Red Mosque early this month. Wave of revenge attacks on Chinese nationals and security personnel have been increasing. Fears for a Pro-Taliban militant backed civil unrest is gaining ground, with the recent spate of violence across the country that has already taken hundreds of lives in the last seven days. Avowed militants continued suicide attacks and intensified their deadly assaults on security forces and Chinese populations. As many as Six suicide attacks have taken place since July 12 Miranshah and Swat incidents including three in one single day.

    On July 19, Thursday there were three suicide attacks: in Hub, Hangu and Kohat all located in northwestern Pakistan. Over 50 people died in these attacks. On July 19 morning, a suicide bomber triggered a blast when he drove an explosive laden car into the parade ground of the police academy in Hangu. Seven people died and over twenty other injured in the assault. This could have been a major disaster if the bomber reached the ground where hundreds of trainees were undergoing training. The second attack, a car bomb, though targeted towards a vehicle carrying Chinese mining workers in Baluchistan's Hub town, hit the police convoy guarding the workers instead. The blast and subsequent police firing reportedly claimed 30 lives including eight policemen and as many injured. However, all Chinese have escaped the attack. Again, later in the day (late Thursday) another suicide bomber triggered a blast at a mosque in an army cantonment in the northwestern town of Kohat. At least 15 people have been killed and over 30 people were injured in the blast.

    This was not the only instance of militants targeting Chinese citizen in Pakistan.


    FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007
    10:18 MECCA TIME, 7:18 GMT

    Taliban abduct 18 South Koreans

    Taliban fighters have seized about 20 Koreans aboard a bus on the road from Kandahar in southern Afghanistan to capital Kabul.

    A Taliban spokesman said on Friday that 18 Koreans - 15 women and three men - were being held "as guests".

    Said Yousuf Ahmadi, speaking by phone, said: "They are safe with us, we are investigating them and our demands and reaction will be announced later."

    The bus was stopped on Thursday in the Qarabagh district of Ghazni province, Khowaja Mohammad Sadeeq, the local police chief, said.

    Confirmation came after the South Korean foreign ministry in Seoul said that it was "highly likely" that South Koreans Christian volunteers had been snatched.


    South Korea has no combat troops in Afghanistan, only a contingent of engineers and doctors.

    Mirajuddin Pattan, Ghazni governor, expressed anger at the presence in his part of the country of such a large number of foreign nationals.

    Speaking to AFP news agency, Pattan said: "They must have thought they are in Korea, not in war-torn Afghanistan.

    "They did not contact us, police or the security forces for protection while travelling in this region."

    The Taliban has seized a number of foreign nationals as part of its campaign to overthrow the Afghan government and drive out its Western backers.


    Two Germans and six Afghans were seized southwest of Kabul on Wednesday and are still missing.

    Ahmadi said: "The German citizens are safe with us [the Taliban]. Our demand is the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan and also the release of our prisoners."

    One German national was kidnapped in western Afghanistan this month, but was released unharmed after few days.

    Taliban fighters seized two French aid workers and three of their Afghan colleagues in southwestern Afghanistan in April but later released them unharmed.


    What is going on?
    Why this collusion against occidentals?


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