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    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Employment: Suicide bombers, work in Iraq.

    In addition to his efforts to establish domestic cells of bombers over the next few years, Houssaini gradually turned his attention to Iraq. By October 2006, he and other Moroccan radicals had created "many recruitment networks" to send would-be Moroccan suicide bombers and fighters to combat U.S.-led forces there, police documents allege.

    The documents identify 18 Moroccans who had been recruited by Houssaini and his allies and who left for Iraq in early 2007. Investigators believe there were many more. Police said Houssaini's network was separate from other Moroccan recruiting pipelines that have sent scores of volunteer fighters to Iraq, including a major ring based in the northern city of Tetouan that was broken up last fall.

    Moroccan police said Houssaini collaborated via the Internet with a Moroccan man based in Syria, known as Zeid, who would greet the volunteers in Damascus and arrange for their passage across the border into Iraq. Although few personal details were disclosed about the recruits, police documents show that Houssaini made a point of personally paying their families small sums of money.

    Each family received between $100 and $150 last fall, as the volunteers were recruited during Ramadan, and an additional $175 at the end of December to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

    Then, in February, they received a final payment of $500 as the recruits departed for Iraq.

    Suicide bombers: $600.oo

    A Mc Dondalds clerk makes that a month, part time.

    You can spend your life making the system change, doing good.
    You can blow yourself up in an instant and hope it makes a difference.


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