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    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Istanbul terror conference using our site.

    Istanbul Conference on Democracy and Global Security
    9 to 11 June 2007
    Istanbul, Turkey


    An International Conference Organized by the Turkish National Police on Democracy and Global Security.

    One of our spiders discovered our Internet Interpol Agency's Terror section was up loaded to a hard drive for their conference, and we did not even get a invite.

    file:///F:/130stanbul Conference/1000 TERRORIST WEB SITES.htm

    They up loaded this huge data base.

    We welcome invites. 8>
    And they missed the site on "Social Change Engines".


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    Blogger gerald said...

    We have the Ip addy but that would not be polite with an ally.
    And the American section are not even opening their email.


    6:17 PM  

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