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    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    al Qaeda setting the Internet Paradigm

    al Qaeda is different than ever before.
    They have morphed from a controlled corporate structure to a free form franchise.
    Moved on from a centrally controlled payroll to affiliations under the same BRAND.

    They have suffered many defeats which has caused them to switch battlefields
    and methods. They have opened new fronts in Lebanon, Algeria, London, Germany, China, and many other locations because they are loosing troops, cadre in Iraq, but the major shift has been to the Internet.

    The USA is allowing al Qaeda to control the Internet paradigm.
    USA controls the battle field but al Qaeda controls the Internet and consequently the hearts and minds.

    If USA kills them it is called a victory of martyrs.
    If they are jailed they plead torture and disrespect,
    and then they produce videos of them beheading civilians.

    They show videos of USA attacks and claim civilian casualties.
    They show videos of their attacks and claim all USA troops were killed.

    Al Qaeda hide in the shadows and attack easy targets, and call them selves brave.
    USA patrols the most dangerous parts of Iraq protecting the public and AQ call them

    AQ videos an attack with their cell phone, email to their media section and they have it out on the Internet in 30 min. of the attack.

    On balance,
    USA's losses are very good, any KIA, is sad.

    But compared to WWII rates the USA army is doing a remarkable job.

    Around 150,000 troops at WAR, and KIA are 3 or 4 a day.
    And they are not setting around is some safe fort,
    they are out on patrol looking for AQ.

    Hunting AQ, snipered, IED, Shaped charges.

    AQ instruction manuals say to be like dust or a gas, unnoticed and just disappear,
    to always seek a safe easy target.

    USA troops are trying NOT to kill civilians,
    AQ is trying TO kill civilians, Market bombings.

    USA troops are trying to stop a civil WAR.
    AQ is trying to start a civil WAR.

    USA troops are trying to build a country.
    AQ is trying to destroy the country.

    USA troops patrol the streets.
    AQ hides in shadows.

    USA troops are trying to give the Umma the VOTE.
    AQ is trying to KILL the Umma.

    AQ says fighting the USA troops is like trying to run in STEEL RAIN.

    USA troops know the difference between AQ and Islam.

    And USA is loosing the media war, loosing the hearts and minds to al Qaeda...

    They have suffered many failures, many of its top cadre killed, failures in
    attempted take overs of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and attempted
    establishment of government in Somalia.

    By by corrupting the Koran al Qaeda has established a base of followers world wide
    who are subject to his brand of propaganda, even though it violates the very basic principles of the Islamic religion.

    By effectively using the Internet he has established a a cadre of members in Europe, England
    the Maghreb, far and near East and Asia.

    His "Brand " labels him as the primary symbol of terrorism, in the West and the successful
    symbol of resistance in the Muslim world.

    His primary goal is to establish a caliphate and destroy Israel, Jordan, Pakistan,and Saudi Arabia.

    But he mis-calculated on his strategy with the USA, he thought he could lure them
    into a short war in Afghan and defeat them much like the Russians.

    So far USA has focused on attacking al Qaeda not its ideas, or the false brand
    of Islam they have established, which has allowed world wide recruiting.

    Al Qaeda's hypothesis is its Achilles heel, it is in violation of Allah's word the Koran

    And AQ is not being attacked in this quarter.

    AQ media arm is recruiting via the www more wannabees, their social change engine is running at full speed, and the rest of the world has yet to field any social change engine other than military.

    AQ media arm promotes its propaganda daily, and are moving into a NEW PHASE OF PROPAGANDA PROLIFERATION and recruitment and funding. ( Breaking )

    AQ is being defeated militarily every day, but their propaganda proclaim their continually victory.
    The number of their deaths, defeat by western standards, are celebrated as victory's of martyrs.
    While the West talk of pull out.

    The media arm of AQ is more dangerous than AQ in Iraq, The media arm is the deep well for the suicide bombers, cannon fodder and homegrown terrorist, wiping them out will go along way to stopping recruitment and home made wannabes.

    They are not being engaged on the Internet, they are winning on the WWW with USA as a "no show".

    USA needs to deploy the mother of all "Social Change Engines".

    al Qaeda has Weaknesses:

    Pakistan has arrested more high level AQ than any where in the world, because Pakistan is the seat of AQ.
    They still have a base of operations in Pakistan and continue to erode that government.

    When USA does pull out of Iraq all the AQ assets will shift to Afghanistan.

    AQ has become a criminal enterprise with kidnappings, extortion and Bank robberies, They have so much money in Iraq now they can send money back to AQ in Pakistan.

    AQ is trying to create a new state in Western Iraq, in effect seceding form Iraq.

    Hamas has carried out dozens of suicide attacks against Israeli.
    The founder of Hamas supported AQ, but refused an alliance with them.
    Hamas has been independent, and realizes it is an national case not international problem.
    Hamas has rejected the sectarian violence AQ espouses,
    And Hamas won the elections last year and AQ then became critics of Hamas,
    stating they had sold out for wining using a political movement.

    AQ has apologized for Hamas for their surrender to the political answer
    to the violence in Gaza.

    AQ fears a solution to the Arab-Israeli war movement, as it removes a leg of their
    logic in recruiting.
    The Israeli Arab problem is a basic recruiting tool and they do not want an answer, they want cannon fodder, recruits, financing not peace.

    AQ may view Hamas as an enemy if they move towards peace with Israel.
    Any move in that direction will bring Hamas under attack by AQ.

    Iran and AQ have "convergence of interests." and inclined to co-operate, on a temporary basis. When USA leaves Iraq they will become mortal enemies.
    Fighting to corrupt the soul of Islam....

    al Qaeda is vulnerable, these vulneriblities need to be exploited and USA needs to be setting the Internet Paradigm, not al Qaeda. The ammunition is there, use it.

    USA is building civil projects ( water systems ), and inside on their PC they read "the baby killers are building their water system" . NO wonder USA is loosing the war for minds and hearts.


    "Iraqi Insurgent Media: The War Of Images And Ideas" by RFE/RL
    The book-length report, "Iraqi Insurgent Media: The War Of Images And Ideas" by RFE/RL regional analysts Daniel Kimmage and Kathleen Ridolfo, provides an in-depth analysis of the media efforts of Sunni insurgents, who are responsible for the majority of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq.
    The popularity of online Iraqi Sunni insurgent media, the authors contend, reflects a genuine demand for their message in the Arab world.
    The entire report

    Other working Internet Paradigms: US special ops com

    Paradigm engineers/hunters


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