Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 3 Al-Qaeeda suspects arrested from Pak-Iran border

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    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    3 Al-Qaeeda suspects arrested from Pak-Iran border

    QUETTA: 3 Al-Qaeeda suspects have been arrested from Pak-Iran border by security apparatus. Monday June 11, 2007 (0929 PST)

    Reports from a private TV channel have also cited the arrests, which took place in Taftan region, while interior ministry has confirmed them.

    Fake I.D cards, passports, a large amount of foreign currency, were also recovered from the arrested suspects, who have been identified as Ali Kalo s/o Susdar, from Kargyhistan, holding passport No. (ELFA) 2114799, while Almala s/o Hussain hails from Germany, holding passport No. N-0018561 and the third as Toughan holding passport No. E- 1017347.

    Sources have informed that security apparatus was investigating the arrested suspects, who were arrested while busy in suspicious activities.

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