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    Sunday, November 22, 2015

    Our Cyber Warrior Song

    Play this FIRST;

    Then read NEW Lyrics below.

    I am a Cyber Warrior

    I am a Cyber Warrior, this is my song.

    Gerald in Uniform


    "I have the reach of teeth of a killing machine

    My BSU's Need to bleed your PC when the light goes green,
    Bring death to the PC where your about to be.

    Cyber Sniper .

    My BSU's spy 24/7 on your PC
    My Battalions penetrate your forums,
    scrape evidence, take names and 
    kick ass.
    I am a warrior and this is my song.

    Come to the night mare, come to me.
    deep down in the cyber dark,
    with the devil, PC and me.
    With the jaws of razor teeth.
    Code with the mind
    Aim with the mouse.
    Your data and comms belong to me.
    Lay waste to your sites.

    I am a warrior and this is my song.

    If another one types I'll kill some more.
    Where the brimstone burns and the Angels weep.
    ISIS blood on my keyboard and in my teeth.
    Another river of blood under my feet.

    Kill  with a heart of Arctic  Ice.
    DEATH cries on MY shoulder.
    Roll with the Gods if I cross your path.
    Shadow of death is the one I cast.
    I hunt in the shadow of your IP.

    Stand next to me and you'll
    never stand alone.

    I'll stand in the path of the Enemy line.
    I Feel no fear.

    For God and Country I 
    pledge my life.

    I am a warrior and this is my song.

    My eyes are steel and my gaze is long
    My BSU's track you the world over for wrong.
    My BSU's 100,000 strong
    I am always with miserable you,  Invisible, watching, operating.

    I am a warrior"


    Taliban webmaster, IPs, location Pakistan

    My father ParaTrooper 101st Airborne, WWII jumped behind Enemy Lines D-DAY,Purple Heart
    GrandFather WWI & WWII Navy, AirCraft Carrier, Both WARS 


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