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    Thursday, April 04, 2013

    NK message to Iran about Obama

    This is NOT North Korea's usual bellicose

    Whats different?

    They declared WAR, ended armistice.  
    Showed their WAR ROOM, with targets
    in USA.

    Approved plans for nuclear attack on U.S.Said they were going to start nuclear war.
    Threatened Guam.

    This is NOT NK normal routine.

    North Korea is sending a message to
    Iran, "USA is a paper tiger".

    Develop your nuclear weapons  USA
    won't do a damn thing.

    North Korea is encouraging Iran
    by its actions, and Obama's

    Whitehouse; Maybe its the fault of
    USA that Kimmy is being a bully.
    USA might have been too aggressive.

    Obama is blaming the victim for the
    Bullies actions and Iran is watching 
    very closely.  

    Iran has already said, in the middle of
    all this; 

    Iran's Jalili vows stronger defense of nuclear policy

    Obama's timid response encourages Iran's
    nuclear program.

    If I'm am questioning if Obama has 
    balls then Iran is sure.

    Is Obama serious about stopping nuclear

    Evidence indicates North Korea may
    NOT have a nuke YET.   

    How long will USA let North Korea push
    them around, will Obama apologize?

    What does Iran make of all this?

    Internet Anthropologist

    What would war look like?


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